Weirder Science

3D 7K180°60 FPS
30 June, 2022
54 min
20+Additional Photos Inside
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Why are you wearing a bra on your head? Is it ceremonial? Maybe you just have tits on the mind as you let your super science skills run amok? Now that you're off to college, you still need help with the ladies and decide to recreate a classic and build a woman of your very own. You've reversed the polarity and everything is in place and like the little maniac you are, you'll flip the switch! Suddenly your world is flipped upside down when Jessica Starling is brought to life and she's here to give you a lesson in love! She'll give you what you've been missing and you get a taste of the 1980s! Get ready for a purely sexual time with Jessica and trade being a total Malaka to become big man on campus. Things are gonna' get weird.
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