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Cum In Barbie, Let's Go Party

Starring:Barbie Feels
3D7K180°60 FPS
24 August, 2023
49 min
150+Additional Photos Inside
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Hiya, Barbie Feels! Hi, Ken. You wanna' go for a ride? Sure Ken! Jump on! She's a Barbie girl, you're in her Barbie World. But she's not plastic, her pussy is fantastic! She's got no hair down there, undress her and get bare. Penetration, your dick is her salvation. Come in Barbie, let's go party. Oh, Oh, Oh Yeah! She's a hot blonde girl in your fantasy world. Get it up, she is tight, she's your dolly! You can touch, you can play, if you say that she's always yours! Cum in Barbie, let's go party! Ooh woah, ooh woah! She's got a busy day ahead of her but you always cum first! Make Barbie feels your personal plaything and become her lucky counterpart as the suck and fuck action unfolds and you give Barbie a creamy creampie too. Make your fantasy a reality with this sexy Barbie in VR.
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